Custom keyboard shortcut for pattern sequencer transport controls do not work

Operating system: Macos 13.5
Renoise Version: 3.4.3

Problem: In the pattern sequencer you can play or schedule the currently focused pattern with shift+space or cmd+space. These commands are listed in the keyboard shortcut preferences but rebinding them does not work - the default binds persist. This is inconvenient in macos since cmd+space brings up spotlight.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open renoise
  2. Press cmd+, to open preferences
  3. Select “keys”
  4. Rebind the keyboard shortcut for Pattern Sequencer → Transport → Play from edited sequence to cmd+return
  5. Close preferences
  6. Open the pattern sequence matrix
  7. Press cmd+return

Expected result: The track should start playing
Actual result: Nothing happens

You can work around this issue by disabling the global macos shortcut for spotlight and using the default cmd+space key bind.

Thank you for reading, and for building renoise.

I wrote a small tool to work around the issue and discovered something interesting: custom keybinds don’t appear to trigger from the pattern sequencer at all.

function queue_current_sequence()
  print("queueing sequence")
  local current_sequence = 

set_scheduled_sequence_binding = {}

-- The below does not work. The binding shows up in preferences but doesn't trigger
-- = "Pattern Sequencer:Transport:Queue Pattern for Playback"

-- This global binding does work = "Global:Tools:Queue Pattern for Playback"

set_scheduled_sequence_binding.invoke = queue_current_sequence


When using the binding name I’ve commented out the function isn’t invoked - it doesn’t print “queueing sequence”. Nor does it trigger when using a different category.