Custom non-floating GUI space for scripting

Like this, addressable thru view builder API for custom scripts:

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Do you mean to have a framework to be able to load the tools inside? If so, I had thought something similar, but placing the frame horizontally below.I think most tools are more horizontal than vertical.

Underneath there could be 3 tabs:

  1. Automation
  2. DSP chain
  3. & tools.I think it would be less intrusive.I think it will allow more advantages to the creator.

Regardless of placement, this topic is a great idea.

I am writing my own tool myself. If there were a frame to display the tool, I would adjust it to the desired size. The result is having the most integrated tools in the GUI and also stacking the tools. They would seem internal to Renoise, even if they already are. Of course, Renoise should respect the continuity of the floating window.Let the creator of the tool choose to use one, another, or both, and that it is also an option of the tool itself.

I think the vertical size of DSP Pane is ideal:

7112 fix-area-horizontal-tools.png

Well, at least here’s the idea. :slight_smile:

I left this comment a few days ago: the penultimate point in the list:

“Greater integration with tools (a additional fixed area to load, as if integrated, with certain size standards). For example, below the Pattern Editor, as Track DSP pane. Thus the tools appear to be part of Renoise, more integrated.”

I’m happy to see that other users think similar things to my way of thinkingwithout talking before.