Custom Track Delays With #Rewire/#Line-in Devices

Currently, when using Renoises custom track delays (the thing on the bottom of the mixer panel), #ReWire-In and #Line-In devices will NOT be shifted. This could be handy though to fix/dephase ReWire slaves or other sequencers which are routed via a #Line-In device.

But assuming they would, we have the following problem:
Notes that are send to ReWire slaves or external synths, are already delayed with the custom track delays. So when you for example trigger some notes to Reason on track 1 and route Reasons audio signal via a #ReWire-In device back into track 1, applying the delay on the #ReWire-In device would delay everything twice.
Same happens when using external MIDI instruments which are outed back via a #Line-In device in Renoise.

Actually the problem is, that we don’t “know” if a #ReWire/#LineIn device already contains delayed notes or not. Remember that you can for example also trigger the notes in the example above in Reasons Sequencer itself, not from Renoise. This would be no problem, if you always use separate tracks for the MIDI insturments & the routed audio signal - for exampel if you always use send tracks to route back external signals and trigger them on other tracks, but thats nothing we can assume.

Should we nevertheless always #ReWire/#LineIn devices and ignore this double delay problem? If you are setting up the delays just by hearing whats going on, this might not be a problem at all, because you then simply use half of the delay that would be needed.

Sorry, all this is again a bit complicated. Can someone follow me, or should I rephrase, add some more examples?

There are too many easily made ‘workarounds’ as you mention. So a ‘go ahead!’ from me :)

We are talking about a ‘manual’ operation after all (track delays).
And the feature to be able to delay the rewire/linein devices is too good to skip because of this problem.
I guess the most flexible solution is to have a per device option to ignore track-delays.
But there is no room for that now.

I think if you split out the topic in the two distinct situations, you can give the idea how to do what, more shape.

Renoise as Slave is different from Renoise as Master, so both situations have their difficulties.

Renoise already handles all plugin delay compensation upon Master side, i guess handling delay in Slave mode should handle regarding the #Line-in as if Renoise would run stand-alone.
#ReWire device is not used in Slave mode, so you don’t have that problem in that case.

Allowing to treat delays inside the device itself might be a better solution and outside it, the trackdelays are ignored. It does mean that ReWire-in and Line-in devices require an extra delay parameter.

No, this has nothing to do with the ReWire PDC delay problem. This is just about the manual phase shifts that you can apply to any track in Renoise. This can for example be useful if you quickly want to lay back some sounds to get things groovy.

For the Line-In you can always add extra Latency configurations in the drop-down like:

  • Live Recording Mode
  • Midi Return Mode
  • Midi Return Mode - Ignore Track Delays


At least it will not occupy anything in the GUI

For the ReWireIn I’m not sure…