Custom User Sample Directory?

For the User Sample Directory I’d rather point Renoise to a general Samples Folder, rather than everything have to go through the default Renoise one. Is it possible to change it?


You mean, to control what samples are listed in the preset dropdown menu in the waveform editor?

These will by default list the factory contents, installed libraries and your own samples, which originate from the User Library.

So, if you want to modify the location of any particular part of the user library, a symlink could be handy.

All you’d need to do is to navigate to the User Library, and replace the Samples with the symlink of your choice.

You could either following the instructions from here (doing it through the command line):

Or, if you prefer to have a GUI, I’d recommend a handy tool called link shell extension:

Hope this helps!

Symlink’ll do it, thanks danoise. I was surprised I couldnt find anywhere int the preferences to set it.