Custom vst path Linux help

I’m trying to get renoise to find a vst. I’ve tried using the default locations but no dice. I was hoping to try making a custom file path but I don’t know where to find where I would add or edit such a path. I’m sure this gets beat to death and I have been searching through past topics. I made the .vst folder in my home folder but it doesn’t recognize anything so far. I’m using pop!os which is based on ubuntu. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Make sure to rescan your vst plugins and maybe the plugin doesn’t work in Renoise and has been blacklisted?

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You can check your ~/.config/Renoise/renoise version you are using/CachedFailedVSTs_x64.db file with sqlitebrowser and inspect 'cached failed plugins > Browse data [ tab ]

most likely you wont have sqlitebrowser installed by defaul tho

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I’ll check these out. I did rescan. The vst I’m trying to use is the TAL noisemaker. I’ve heard other renoisers use it. Bitwig sees it without problem. I’ll keep banging my head on it.

Check that popOS has the user vst path environmet set with command env | grep VST and paste the output here please, you can edit your username as some people are very wary about sharing their details on a public forum.

Mine looks like this ( after editing my username )


You can clearly see the .vst folder is picked up in the VST_PATH.

When I type env | grep VST nothing happens.

I might have something going now. I needed to make a .vst3 folder in my home drive. Looks like it’s showing up now. (faceslap!)
Thanks for reaching out!

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