Custom XRNI / Sample Share.

Im making a Remix page for Needle Factory. We get asked provide stems and mix-packs a lot so Im putting everything on a private page. (passcode is dirtysecrets)
Usually if someone wants to remix our stuff l ask them to get the demo copy of Renoise and download by song files. Can be tricky sometimes if its someone
who’s never been near a tracker. Id say most of the time they run the demo and re-sample my loops but I’v manage to get a few converts by doing it this way :)
Obviously Im preaching to the choir here…
Part one is our basic drum kit which a lot of kicks, snares. hats and effects in the style of Knife Party, Xilent or Deadmau5.
l will just keep adding to this page.


-edit. all the tracks on the right are our mixes done in renoise only.

Thanks for the drumkit.

no worries. hoping other people will share their stuff here too.

Here are some nice drumkits:

And some random instruments:

Your link is dead, NFactory.

I was interested in using some of these samples: Amiga Soundtracker Sample Packs
And noticed they are out of tune when loaded in Renoise, so I found a way to tune them.

Here is the first pack in xrni format and totally in tune.

Wow! Thanks a lot!

kool thx…