Customization of Windows 10 UI

Like how do? I’d like to do it without using the UXTheme program and it seems like it’d be easy to do with just a Windows Theme File file but Google search searches aren’t getting me the searches I want of just a list of files of themes that don’t require the UXTheme program, which seems pretty straightforward and something that would be under the Microsoft store, but all that’s in the Microsoft store are wallpapers as themes and not actually themes of which you’d think that there’d be lol.

The only method I know of is using Curtains

Seems a lot like UXTheme

Without any 3rd party app, I don’t believe there is a chance to change anything beyond wallpaper and accent color


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Windows 10 :smiley:

Windows is becoming fairly locked down for a paid OS and I find it go grating I’m suffering not fully understanding Linux to avoid it. Microsoft are really not where I would like them to be.