Customized Mouse Scroll Steps

I realy like update lots of useful improvements. But i miss this one which is annoying me sometimes :) and it is mouse scroll :)

I use scroll alot in pattern section, and such feature would be great.

Standard jump is 2 lines. Why not make it customized like 1 line or 2,3,4 lines or more.And some shortcut alt+ctrl+ 1,2,3… just like steplength :) I bet it would make overal workflow faster.
Cheers :)

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good point. +1


I often do end up in the wrong pattern line by accidently mixing the step length between mousewheel and cursor/mapped keys that I could whack myself for flicking the wheel again :wacko: .
But the mousewheel is just so useful for navigating inside Renoise that I don’t like to nil it.

I would be already happy with the option of 1 lines or 2 lines (instead of the currently fixed 2 lines) advance of the mousewheel.
Or an option that basically enables/disables syncing the mousewheel to the pace of the edit-step - like a tickbox next to the mousewheel pref saying “sync wheel to edit step length”

I don’t know yet what the “preferences/GUI/enable mousewheel acceleration” option does. I couldn’t find it in the V2.6 manual, its somehow missing :rolleyes:
When I enable/disable it though it doesn’t affect the scroll lines in the pattern editor, so far I figured that out. (I’m a genius LOL :wacko: I know :D )

So theres solution but its not same, i mean If theres more more mouse buttons theres possibility to bind up, and down arrow.

But i hope choice between 1/2 jumps per line while scrolling will be possible some day :)

hmmm, mouse to navigate in a tracker environment?

ctrl + 0…9 := set editstep
ctrl + shift + arrow up/down := jump with editstep value thru pattern

page up/down := jump 16 lines (i hear you, sub notebook users, just re-assign them)

for me thats ok.
but being forced to use that damn thing everytime when it comes to automation of 3rd party plugs (looking at the automation device)
kills the flow for me, sometimes.
you know, its that ‘switching input-devices’ while building the song that is so ‘anti-fun’.

because of that, i found myself switching to fully mouse-based hosts from time to time.

Well for me mouse is like part of hand, just hate to jump to arrows i dont like them :P i think… it haaa i know i make it wasd.

Omg “alt+wasd” it feels so natural :) for fps fan like me ;) still my had sits on mouse all time and i feel scroll gets thigs faster in pattern editor :)

Brilliant. I would love that.

Perhaps Renoise should at least listen to this setting.

Resurrecting this thread from 12 years back (sorry) to check if this it’s possible to do what the OP asked. I also think there’a case to be made about the fact that some users prefer mousewheel over keys (or complimentary to keys) for navigation. Not everyone is a keyboard purist, and this tracker is not operated by keys only anyways, so I think it’s a fair request.)


There is a workaround, on Windows, one can use app X-Mouse Button Control. Create overrides for Mouse Wheel actions, specific to Renoise.

For example Mouse Wheel Up event will trigger [UP] key press event.


I thought one of the solution for myself could be to just increase the line resolution, but
one of the most annoying things about the 2 steps scrolling is that if you wrap around a pattern, you will be on step 2 instead of step 1 i. e. off grid.

hope the next version fixes this and let’s you change scroll steps with a shortcut.

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