Customized touch sensitivity (Min-Max) per instrument

I have been searching the forum about this issue but couldnt find anything more recent then 2010 and that’s a looong time ago so here goes…

I use M-Audio key 69 and this keyboard has a superdynamic touch sensitivity. This is a problem when I use VST instruments with very different dynamics like kontakt voices and vst with synth sounds that doesnt even react to touch sensitivity.

In Reaper, you can control the min-max touch sensitivity sent to individual VST with 2 simple sliders. They will change the range of said MIDI input to anything you like between 0 - 127, solving the problem with VST dynamics differences.
I have yet to find this simple thing in ReNoise.


kontakt Choir comes in very very soft when I press softly on my m-audios keys, being completely drowned in any VST that has strong audio no matter if you play soft or strong on the piano keys.
Here, it would be ideal to set the minimum velocity for the kontakt VST to something much higher like 64, even if I press soft enough that it produces a key velocity below it.

The same goes the other way around. Using orchastra full strings can sometimes be way to loud compared to a soft arp or similar. At that point, I want the touch sensitivity to only range between say 25 - 100 on the kontakt VST and maybe 75 - 127 on the arp VST.

This is easily accomplished with said item in reaper, but I cant find it in ReNoise.

I do just about all recording live, using “zones” on the m-audio to save time. This is why I’m asking.
Otherwise I could simply play one VST at the time and that has been my somewhat awkward workaround since that ruins the “feel” and rhythm of doing a live recording when you are inspired. :slight_smile:

Best regards from Finland.