Customizing Color Theme

Hello to all dear friends of “Community of Renoise” !

Here VBAlk! :D

I’d like that Color Theme of Renoise 1.5 was customizable as before: Renoise 1.281 Color Theme is more customizable than Renoise 1.5 Color Theme (why customizing of Color Theme in Renoise 1.5 is very limited? :angry: )

Here some examples:
current track name color changes together “MainValueFont”;
other tracks name color changes together “MainMainText”;
not visible tracks name color changes automatically;
in the Sequencer Box, current pattern frame color changes together “MainBody”;
little box color (where we enter note, C 4 for example) changes together “MainSelectionBar”.

Waves color in ordinary oscilloscopes, waves color in “Master” oscilloscope and waves color in “Send Tracks” oscilloscopes should be customizable independently.

Edit mode frame color should be customizable.

Concluding, I’d like that Renoise 1.5 had at least Renoise 1.281 Color Theme Customizing possibilities.

Thank you! :)


P.S.: I know that in Renoise 1.5 customizing Color Theme was reduced to simplify, but it’s very limited as compared to Renoise 1.281.

I agree on the red edit frame! This should of course stick out as much as possible and AFAIK it’s always red, it doesn’t even follow another color. Let’s say I want to do… say… just to pick any color… an extremely pink skin :), the frame is hard to see.