Cut/copy/paste Buttons For Instrument/filter Envelopes

(just like what the automation has)

but you can use the preset knob for that at the moment (those small buttons labeled 1-8 in the lower right). rightclick stores an envelope, leftclick pastes it. Only problem is that this works only for the same kind of envelope, so you cant copy a AMP-Envelope to a Cutoff-Envelope.

Still I agree, it’s useful.

I know about the presets, I just think it should be consistent with the automation.

I totally agree, I just thought I give you this tip incase you don’t know about it. :)

Mmm, dunno… not something I’m missing there. Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c or Ctrl+p work just fine in combination with the mouse. For consistency sake, ok :)
I’d rather see (*dream of) more drawing tools that can affect drawn shapes over time.

For example: if you’ve ctrl+p’ed a certain shape, have a pencil draw a diagonal line from top to bottom that can decrease the shapes over time.

Looped samples with a advanced instr editor section can be a killer soundsource.