Cut groups

one thing renoise really needs… at least a simple ‘Cut itself’
for different samples within instruments i mean.

One day…

And I really do that that day will finally be soon!!!

Mute Groups is the MPC name. I guess NNA Groups would be the one for Renoise ;)

mute groups choke groups cut groups
tomato tomato.

Hi Cas have a look at my earlier post here it was a solution i came up with to sort [this]( p 266758 fromsearch 1#entry266758) problem out.

Looks like its an ongoing request…

While that is very useful for notes, that they would always only ‘cut itself’ as they say
It’s not a complete solution to finally be able to compose a nice drumkit in one renoise instrument where e.g. only the closed, semi closed and open hihat cut eachother (as a normal real drum kit would do)