Cut, Swap, Then Paste

I’ve found this behaviour which I think it’s not 100% consistent:

  1. cut a pattern

  2. move a track by dragging it somewhere

  3. paste the pattern back

you will see that the pattern will be pasted ignoring the track moving:

track01 track02 track03  
C-4 D-4 E-4  

cut the pattern:

track01 track02 track03  
--- --- ---  

swap track01 and track02:

track02 track01 track03  
--- --- ---  

paste the pattern:

track02 track01 track03  
C-4 D-4 E-4  

should have been:

track02 track01 track03  
D-4 C-4 E-4  

in the end:
when moving a track on the pattern, the clipboard should be affected too.

nothing vital of course, but still useful

Well, if it should swap the clipboard tracks as well is really a matter of taste. In RC times (right before the release) I really dont want to touch such things anymore, as I might break something else by changing this…

So this is another TO-DO item then…

Well, I personally would hate if it behaved the way IT proposed. I guesss I am not the only one…

Why / when would you first cut the pattern & then change order of tracks and want to paste it back in?

I think the paste buffer should never be effected by changes made in the pattern editor. :)

Quite often I’ve done this to purposely paste notes to a track with different effects. By changing it it may get confusing.

Yeah I agree with Jonas.

I think this is OK as it is, but maybe it should be made more apparent to the user… Something like a little pop up that says ‘Tracks have been moved since you copied the info to the clipboard’ or something.

Please, no pop-ups!!! Leave it as it is. Jonas has a really good point.

Delicate consideration. But:

I don’t think the clipboard should be affected. The way it is now is a just way, this is us that should be aware of what we are doing while copy/pasting.

If the clipboard should be affected, then it means that the clipboard should always paste the copied data into its corresponding track, while we use copy/paste to move data to another track many times. What about the time you want to copy contents of 3 tracks and copy them into another 3 tracks? Regardless of the change in the sequence of the original tracks, the content should be pasted into new ones AS IT WAS COPIED, it should not be affected by the new sequence of the original tracks.

what I proposed should be done only for the pattern clipboard data: of course, if you copy a track or a selection you should still be able to paste it where you want.

In this sense, the present behaviour could be still obtained by copying an entire pattern as a selection.

Anyway, I see I’m the only one who is favourable to this change :)

I absolutely agree with you on this one.