Cut To New Sample/instrument

I use the copy to new instrument function a LOT when slicing samples, but i always want to actually CUT the stuff i copy from the original sample, to avoid a lot of redundancy. I’d personally love to see a cut to new sample/instrument function.

Would like that as well.
However what I find myself using a lot in Adobe Audition is ‘Paste to new’. That’s a little more flexible.
So either you copy or cut you can whenever you like paste the clipboard directly to new slots.

Ctrl + shift + alt + C & Ctrl + x are two keypress actions

There seems to be room to assign ctrl+shift+alt+x and ctrl+shift + x (cut to new sample)

“Paste as new sample” gets a point from me, would be handy

just tried to re-sample some samples in renoise using the render selection to sample option,and it works great,but just one small thing(and please help me out if its already possible,but a option to also be able to choose a folder to place to rendered sample in would be great.

if this is already possible,please let me know,i tried to figure it out,but maybe im blind or something :D

What? We have copy to new sample? Does this shit also map new samples in drum kit mode? :o

If you turned on mapping in the first place, it should automatically map samples that get added, if not, i would file a bug report.

This already exists, without the ctrl+x:
Ctrl + shift + alt + C or ctrl+shift+c
One is copy to new instrument, the other is copy to new sample.