CV signals from Renoise

So I have some CV controlled gear, but no Kenton box or Silent Way. I know it`s possible to use some software to create a CV signal. Does anyone know how this can be done in Renoise??

Found some kind of a solution to this: Sending the output of a drum machine hit (rim/snare) to the CLICK IN of the synth triggers the tempo of sequence/arp playback

I’ve never tried this, but depending on the power of your sound card output, you should be able to get some key tracking by sending varying volumes of square wave to the Pitch input.
Volume = voltage = pitch.
You’ll probably struggle to get good range / tuning but there is the possibility to mess with custom tunings and microtonal scales…

cool cheers man, seems like the signal needs boosting quite alot. Silentway might be a better solution I have wires everywhere!

ah yeah think headphone outputs work best.
i think motu has a SW style system with VST control called volta that uses a balanced headphone jack but if you wanna get in deep silent way is surely the way to go