CV Tools ES-8 ES-5 Compatibility

CV Tools and es-8 es-5 expert sleepers compatibility
would work great with sampling tools like,

for sampling and creating synthesis from eurorack setups.

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would also love compatibility with es-8/eurorack. how are other people interfacing their modulars with renoise? expert sleepers silent way?

Me too! I want to try out Renoise as a better way of sequencing for my modular. Using MIDI to CV works with no problem at all, and maybe that’s all I really need.

However, it seems more “direct” CV control, with the ES-8 and similar, isn’t exactly easy to get working. There’s a detailed thread at ModWiggler that describes challenges and solutions, and they are not straightforward. Now, this is from 2017, so of course things may have improved in the meantime. ES3/ES5 WITH RENOISE AT 96K ISSUES AND WORK-AROUNDS - MOD WIGGLER

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which midi > cv module do you use? I’m so useless with midi haha

Well, I can’t say I’m experienced, but I have a couple of modules that are actually quite easy to work with. First, I have an Erica Synths trigger module, very simple concept, it’s not in the rack anymore, but maybe it’s coming back! Assign a couple of MIDI notes to trigger … triggers, and off you go. Good for bringing rhythms in. Then, I’ve had the Kilpatrick Carbon sequencer, which I really like. This can be set up to work as a MIDI to CV converter, and it just works, very straightforward. Latest addition was the Hermod sequencer. I’m not quite comfortable with the sequencer part, but it has MIDI effects (delay, scale, arpeggio) which work well.

MIDI to CV modules would work just fine, but I think there’s more to be had by combining that with direct CV control.

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