Cxy effect erroneously read as Mxy in .mod file

Hi everyone,

I got this one module “Absys - The last new age.mod” (available on modarchive and other places) where the first pattern shows the non-standard Mxy effect being used prominently. However, opening the .mod in other trackers shows that this should really be a Cxy effect. I parsed the .mod with my own code, and can confirm that the correct effect is Cxy, not Mxy.

Is this a parsing bug? Or was this intended and I should tick some visualization options from within Renoise?

Thank you kindly

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Hiya @erodola o/

Cxx in protracker is not a volume slide command, it set’s the volume; so Mxy is correct imho.

From protracker help:

C-3 00 C10
C is the command, 10 is the volume (16 decimal).

Hi Jek, thanks a lot for the prompt response!

I see what you mean and I agree with you at a high level.

However, looking into the .mod file using a hex editor, I can see that the effect encoded in the file is Cxy. However, this is parsed as Mxy by Renoise. I was wondering if this re-interpretation is intended or is a bug.

Thank you

Within Protracker:

  • Cxy = Set Sample Volume

Within Renoise:

  • Cxy = Volume Slide
  • Mxy = Set Sample Volume.

Seems, the parser appears to be making the correct mapping.

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Ah now I see what you meant. Makes sense!

Thanks a lot!

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