CyberCat - Another Autumn (Demo)

So I was at Function demoparty this weekend, and released a web browser demo called Another Autumn.

Got fourth place in combined demo compo.

Music is of course made with Renoise. :slight_smile:

Here are the links: (Online version) (SoundCloud) (GitHub)

And of course the good old YouTube.

Delicious bit opens the track against spacy pads which would inspire you with its lightness. At 2.05 there is a bridge opened by lead part with its transparent tune. The whole track would flicker with small flames. Listening to it I imagined myself walking through the autumn forest. Far away little flashes appear and disappear again. Great atmospheric work.

Nice! Is it all stills or are some video? Hard to tell sometimes :slight_smile:

Thanks. They are all stills. But they are cut up in layers in photoshop and arranged in 3D space to create some illusion of depth.

That’s what I thought, good job.

The website does black out on Firefox Nightly (have to swap to another tab and back to regain an image), not sure what causes it…

But the Youtube version at least shows it unglitched. Enjoyed it tilll the end :slight_smile: