D Fast - Followers of Disco (EP)

Been a while but here we go again, 6 tracks of different sets of grooves. Bandcamp and Souncloud are up, should take some time for Spotify etc. Made with Renoise, as you do. Hope you people like it!



Wicked stuff mate. Really dig it. The synth work is great.

Great tracks, thanks for sharing.

This is awesome, abslute <3

Good stuff! :slight_smile:

Superb, as usual :wink:

love it!

Opens soft and clean, then the thrumming beat opens gently, but the filter sweeps tell you what is coming.

Then it happens. The instruments immediately bring back memories of pulsing strobes, whirling disco balls, ABBA tributes and space age oriented visuals.

It’s advertised as a friendly trip through different states of electronic disco and robotic funk, and does not disappoint. The beat which feels robotically meticulous is a feature, not a flaw in this musical context.

The second track is on a similar theme - very texturally coherent with the first - but there is a hint of a darker, funkier tone. The electronic bass feels right at home here.

Track number three brings the bounce. The distorted vocals add nothing intellectually, but why should they? Disco was always about hedonism, and this is a feel-good track, the backing to the great mating dance.

The fourth track starts with a soft entry, which gives way to a driving bass. The cowbell accent seems a bit out of place, but it’s not overwhelming so no harm done. In general this is a serious urban groove for while you push your way through the crowd at the bar to grab a drink.

Number five starts out darker again. The heavy beat will highlight your funky moves in time as the strobe pulses. Can you dance the robot? You can now.

Number six starts with a drum sound reminiscent of the BeeGees at the height of their disco popularity, but it fills in with a more eighties synth sound which carries the piece forward.

Big Daddy DFast takes us on a trip.

Whoah! Massive thanks for the comments, funk is strong with you people :slight_smile: Jan Koekepan, whatta story! Glad you like the little EP - and the cowbells on the fourth track are indeed very clumsy, but it’s very intended (I play most of the stuff live and quantizing takes away my groove).


Some people say Disco is dead and buried.

Not true.

It is living underground, where it belongs.

Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Google Play are LIVE!


THAT’S the stuff, man!

“Falling Down Tonight” - Herbie Hancock hates you now ! ;D

I am #356.

Don’t you dare,

NOT to share!