D Fast - High Diesel

Been a long time since finished anything, but here you go! 7 minutes 18 seconds worth of hasty old school’ish Drum & Bass.

Downloadable mp3.
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Sounds very decent!

The problem is that most of today’s DnB sounds the same imo. Wobble bass here, dirty filtered crushing bass there. Overall a very loud massive compressed sound.

Props for the vocal percussion though!

Very decent sound, a bit on the repetitive side (even for dnb), but very fonkay and very dfast flavoured! I liek!

I’m really liking this track, so I took the liberty of giving you my own personal view.

I like the intro, it builds anticipation and has a nice break right before the beat comes in at 1:02. It reminds me a bit of Spor, as he also has a few tracks that goes full on after building anticipation in the intro.

The groove itself sounds a bit repetitive for my taste though, especially the part from 1:02 to 3:07. I think it’s the kick and snare that does it, so it could help to vary a bit more on the beat as a whole. Personally I find it easier to vary beats if I think of the whole groove as a constantly developing element and not just a looping 64/128-line pattern with random variations here and there.

The bass sounds good! I listened on a pair of Alesis monitors as well as through a pair of AKG 271 studio headphones, and your track certainly seems to deliver in the lower frequency range :)

The melodic bits that come in at 3:08 was a really nice addition, it gives the track a bit more depth and ambient feel, plus it acts as a nice counterweight to all the dark elements. I like how you continue to build on this when the break at 4:18 comes in, I’m really enjoying this part!

All in all, I enjoyed the track. For my own personal taste though, I wouldn’t mind some more variation in the groove of the track. I would also have liked to hear a bit more of the melodic elements, as I’m a huge fan of deep house and ambient DnB. I’m guessing that’s probably why this track left me wanting more…

Keep in mind that this is just my two cents, it’s a great track! :)

Thankies for the comments! And welcome to the forum Bornslip :)

Phat energetic rinse-out when the beat comes in, I like the pad flutters coming in after the 3 minute mark as well. Didn’t feel repetitive as I thought it would be reading the previous comments :) Enough stuff happening for sure. Maybe it could be shorter?