D Fast - Lucy and the Moon (new album)

Hey fellow Renoisers!

Released a new album called Lucy and the Moon, 9 tracks of both new and old instrumental beats, breaks, electronics and such, including my Mutant Breaks entry from few years ago. Available now on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Spotify et al will follow a bit later. Hope you like it!

Album @ Soundcloud


My God what can i start talking about,the magnificent mixing or the fantastic compositions them selfs?!!!Truly a great Album!!.Its really rare to find Albums like this where one song is better from the other.Happy new year my friend

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Very good. Joyous Adventure has come a long way. I like this version a lot.

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Thanks! Yeah I worked quite a bit on the mix and drums, also decided to ditch the original vocals.

@stoiximan Thank you so much! Glad you’re digging the album.

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