D Fast - Reach [Triphop/Ballad/Rock]

Here’s something I started long ago and finished just now. The song’s pretty muffled at the center part, it’s a whole wall of low mids destroying all that is dynamic… but I’m terribly lazy and didn’t want to waste any more time on the mixing (although I will most likely re-enter the song once I find a proper singer for it.) Couldn’t write any lyrics, so it’s just a huge chorus going on and on and on… and on.

Guitar solo and some rhythm guitaring by my dear friend Jonne Kokkonen, some sceners might know him as laamaa.


Wicked tune!

Word, I love you dfast.

woah, this is killer stuff!

i’m thinking, if you do decide to try out another singer for it,
you should keep your own voice on the part where you sing “reach for the staaaar” as chorus/background material,
cus that sounds really sweet.

The production quality is excellent. The music is quite good, too. The vocals are great. The guitar work, and piano playing are both really cool.

I would say, on the guitar solo, maybe play around the neck some more; for instance, exploring downward into the wound (lower) strings; but that’s a matter of taste. The riffs are tasty, just as they are.

This is really great :)
I love the vocals since they give the track that awesome “weird” taste (I can’t explain this better, but hey, do keep them)!

This is some quality stuff captain!! :walkman:

i love it…