D Fast - Tracoon

Just another tune from the product line, had this one finished for quite some months. My definition of Ridge Racer. Vocal edit coming up… at some point. Guess the vocal edit will be on my bigbeat album.

Awesome tune!! Love it.

Sounds more like the rainbow-space-stage from Mario Kart 64 with sportscars that change color and are ON FIRE xD

The only thing I didn’t like was the scratched voice sample, it kind of “pops out” too much.

[edit]OMG, I can’t stop listening!!!11[/edit]

Another block rockin’ tune from DFast. =) I like the massive soundwall it has. Lots of things going on without being cluttered.

Vocal edit must be a trip!

the track roxx as shit. i´m not into such chemical-brothers alike music at all, but YOU´VE DONE WELL. it could be some kind of retro intro music for a 70ies tv-series like STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO or KOJAK.

grx: d

what a dirty sounding frenzy ! great flow and highly diverse arrange. thumbs!

Cheers for the comments!!

If someone wants to remix or mess around with the tune I’d be happy to provide a small samplepack!


one good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain. very awesome!

@dfast: maybe we could make an arrangement about remixing or more a playing around with the samples…what i want to say is, that i would try to do something with your samples…

my e-mail is: ANC@gmx.org

thank you in advance.

grx: d