D16 Phoscyon 2 VST window can't be moved

When I load Phoscyon 2, the top and bottom edges of the editing window are displayed beyond the edges of my screen, so I can’t move the window around by clicking and dragging. When I resize the GUI, the top of the window remains out of sight, but the lower edge comes up. If I try shrinking the Renoise window, the Phoscyon window itself doesn’t shrink along with Renoise.

When I load Phoscyon in other DAW’s, the editing window is completely visible, so I think this is something weird with Renoise. Any ideas what might be going on?

I do think this is an issue with Renoise as I experience this with many other plugins. Sometimes if I open and close the plugin UI a few times I can get lucky and the frame around the UI would be properly sized, but the issue remains if I close it and reopen it again.

I read somewhere in the forum that this may be an issue with Renoise and VST3 plugins.

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Yes, i also noticed some weird issues with VST3 plugins. Some of them have the “window” issue as descibed above. Some have UI problems like jerky/freezing knobs (the knob animation is freezing, but the knob still can be tweaked) and some have problems with loading VST3 presets (Presets are loading with incorrect/different settings than when saved.

All these issues only come with VST3 plugs. VST2 versions of the same plugs all work without these issues.

Huh, interesting, I’ll have to try installing the VST2 version then. Hope that works.

Have you tried this:


Go to Plug in instrument properties, click the button with 3 horizontal lines then in the dialog box untick “Auto scale external editor”, remove the plug in and reload it?

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Thank you! This solution worked!

If anyone else has this problem, after you turn off the auto scaling in Renoise using the method above, you’ll have to change Phoscyon’s GUI scale from within Phoscyon itself. 125% worked for me. Then make sure to save your settings as the default state so it loads up at the correct scale every time.

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