Daft Punk - The Grid (Sunmix)


Sounds really good. Just the soundtrack I hear every day in my car on the way to the office.
The Remix is ok, but sounds a bit more happier in the beginning than the original IMO.
The second half is ok and sounds really good.

Did you played all of the melody for your own? If yes, what plugins/synthesizers and presets you’re using? (same question goes to the Seba remix :wink: ).

Keep on tracking. Like your music!

yeh i call it “happy sorrow” haha, anyway yep apart from the first minute which is obviously big on the original grid sample the rest is my own, some obvious presets (i leave out all the fx which are used as one shot) :
omnisphere pitch pipes pad, understated strings
nexus ar rhythm, pd amberglance
trilian getting fonky on the dance floor
dune medusa pulse, ministry
rmx float and string

as for painted sky :
nexus ar odissey, cl angel harp, pd 2nd galaxy left, dl full breakbeat 16, sq guitar balld 2
omnisphere lost boy pad 2, dream piano d50
trilian plucky cs-80 arps

there you have it :)

Very melodic. I like it.

Thank you ;-).
But I have to find another plugins. They’re to expensive to me ;).

by the way :
as in vote for the track if you like it :)

actually the vote just opened now, so if you liked the track, have a go thanks :)

10 days left !, last up.

I liked it, it sounds really rich and twisted in the good way!
I’ll give you my vote. ;)