Dainhumain - Darkmatter

Last track by me for 2008, did it before I went out to play liveset for new years party, rough recording and it’s not finished yet, starts of a bit basic.

One thing with my tunes they won’t go back into the same thing so listen all the way through and leave thoughts about what you think, comments are very much appreciated from fellow renoise users :yeah:


Thanks in advance.

Nice groove going there! All the different percussion elements really make this
track something for the dancefloor :) I like the atmosphere, minimal in a dark
dreamy sort of way, nice work!

What I miss though, is bassssssss and something to get the song ‘going’.
Perhaps focusing more on the composition, give the song a breather halfway,
build up to something, or break down from something… The track does develop
nicely but not convincing enough to make this song stand out from, let’s say,
a DJ set. :)

Thanks for the comments BotB, appreciated.

I was thinking the same too, maybe add some more sub bass in parts? Am a bit stuck on that one, so any further suggestions would help. Will put like a little break in there before it goes into the darker bit aroud 3 minutes, dunno what yet but we shall see ^_^

Thanks again for comments, made me want to finish the track of now.