daisy chaining midi devices

i got a lend of a rack novation bass station and drum station. pretty cool!

i only have one midi out port available. so i’ve daisy chained them and plugged them into the available port.

is there anyway to trigger each seperately and use them at the same time through the one port? i’m guessing not…

i’m pretty nooby when it comes to proper midi gear.

also, how does one go about recording such midi stuff programmed in renoise?

thanks doodz!

You work with MIDI channels, e.g. you assign channel 1 to your first device in the chain, channel 2 to your second device and so forth.
In that manner you can then address the device by picking the channel and then select the bank and program for that channel.

cheers for the reply.

that doesn’t seem to work though. i don’t have a midi port on my sound card. so i’m using the midi out on a mpd24. this is then connected via usb to my computer. so in the two tracks, whenever i set a different chanel, the other track is set to that chanel too…

Okay it sounds like you want to use your midi devices to trigger Renoise instead of using Renoise to trigger your midi devices…

I thought you wanted to use each midi device as a separate instrument which should work by channeling. There is a difference in treatment when using a MIDI Thru bus and chaining through MIDI in and MIDI OUT since also your midi devices respond to program change signals.
This whole process of daisy chaining can become quite complex.



Input from the outside is being taken for all instruments as if it came from one channel (even if you have assigned a different channel) and currently requires you to assign each device to a MIDI in-device.
There is much room for improvement on this area in Renoise.

no worries dude. thanks for the help. i actually want to use renoise to trigger stuff, but the mpd is the only way i have of connecting the gear to my computer :D . will investigate those links…

doh. i was being thick. got it working. these things completely rock! bass station for the win…