Dance Floor By Zenozena

this is my song.ı made with renoise ı used VST: Z3TA+ poly six and v-station
and renoise :yeah:

my mail: djzenozena a.t. hotmail d.o.t. com
(edit vvoois: spam protection for your own good)

ı am waiting your comments


link is work.


I am waiting for a working link, for an explanation what kind of song is, a brief… something

Do you think people will download “something” telling no more than “this is my song”

maybe i’ll see the same amount of work needed to write a single sentence like “this is my song” in you composition. :unsure:

EDIT: That strange link does not work ?¿¿?¿?

link is ok.

Writing while listening: Nice trance-stuff. Like that…

But I miss some dynamics. Try to reduce the heights in the pads and the high-hats and lift up the bassdrum a bit. Sounds quite flat, this thing.

Besides that, a solid trance-piece

Well let´s see,

The idea is good, the overall concept is modern with the habitual instrumentation nowadays.
The supersaw leads are well mixed, fat and wide. This is the good point, the synths are great.

What i feel hearing this is monotony, repetitive, little variation… you know, and i think it´s because you used loops(i can be wrong tough).

I think this song can be improved with percusive samples instead of a dance-loop, and even in the main part there´s a suspicious “mute” with the back pads around 0:46. These pads are also samples ?

Other cool ideas migth be adding more speech and effects, to make more variation. And of course using individual samples for the percussion, that will give you more control about the sound. And renoise is one of the best programs out there for doing this. Maybe some trick with the offset command 9xx can be worth…?

I like the transition around 2:12 - 2:20
It´s obvious that you like the detuned-saw sound ;) almost all song it´s full of it

(Advice: i´m using headphones) maybe from 2:20 to 3:30 the syths are a bit more loud than should be, and that affect the presence of the bass and some of the punch of the drums. That is a very important point to take care of. (I´ll say again that i am using headphones only!)

A bit short for my taste, because the ending starts at 4:25.

Finally, i say tha you´ve choosen good vstis and good samples, and that´s the KEY for writing good music, your production is good.

Will the RNS file be avaliable? those are popular vsts and most of us have them also.
I´ll confess than i want to steal that outstanding clap. :rolleyes:

To end this post… well that was your first post, so WELCOME TO RENOISE!

For the next time, Write a good description of your song talking about how it sounds, how you feel hearing it, if you need some help, how big is the download, the style… the duration… etc etc. So more people will comment the song.

I´d like to hear more from you in the future.

  • Klez

EDIT: seems that i´m not the only who thinks the excesive power of the supersaw affects the rest of the sound. I´m with Marc shake in that opinion

As I listen;

Didn’t really like the opening drum stuff, though it got a helluva lot better when the melodies kicked in. Personally I’d make an intro out of that to stand out more.

Other than that, it rocks on and sounds interesting enough for me to keep listening, good job. ;) I like the breakdown starting at 3:30, wish you developed more into it, the part starting at 4:25 could contain some awesome vocals or something, bringing the song into a different league.

And it did sound kind of flat in the mix, maybe it needs a little ‘oomph’ in the bass section?

link is workİNG.thanx.

the only thing workING about your link are the nasty systemdoctor dialogue-commercials, that keep telling my that my system was in danger, when clicking on the “download” button. :panic: ;)