Dance Of A Dream

This is a song in pure Persian 6/8 style, expressed electronically. This song was originally made to prove to some Iranian composers that trackers are able to express the Persian 6/8 style as well as any other music production software, and even better.

The song is accompanied by ‘Tonbak’, the most famous Persian percussion instrument, played skillfully by a talented friend: Mohammadreza Brooshaky.

Here’s a shortened and re-mastered version of the track, created using Renoise, with just samples, no VSTs or VSTi’s: 128kbps mp3.

I’m sorry for any lack in mastering, I’m not good at it. Any comment would be appreciated indeed. :)

(edit in link to song)

I don’t have a tis-account and don’t want one but I would love to hear this … can you upload it anywhere else please ?


You can actually hear the song here:

Thanks MarcShake, I had put the direct download link in the first post, so TiS asked for user/pass. I edited the first post and corrected the link. :)

But due to the low quality of online listening in TiS and the need of signing-up in order to download the songs, here is an independent peaceful dispassionate link to download this song, specifically dedicated to looza ;)