Dance Of A Dream

Due to recommendation and need of a good friend who teaches Persian dances in France, I revised and re-mastered an old song of mine: Dance of A Dream. Hope it would sound desirably better now.


This is a Persian song in 6/8 time sig, accompanied by the most common Persian percussion instrument: Tonbak, played by a very talented friend: Mohammadreza Brooshaky.

I like the synth playing that arabic melody(never heard such a style…combination yet:)), also very nice drum work.

Only thing i noticed that when the cords progression came in, it sounds like…i dont know, a demo song on a synthesizer, that melody/cords made me think if that sounds like my old casio :lol:

When that mixed with the synth playing “arabic” melody, i thought it sounds funny…but nice too, don’t mean that bad or anything, its nice, that beat really gets me moving anyeway :D

@ashkan: very nice track, positive feelings and all

@weeble: Arab isn’t the same as Persian culture

Ok, didnt mean to offend anyone by thator something…from now i will say “middle east” then :)

Oh btw it was the note change at 0:22 that made me think… :)

@weeble: Thanks for your comments. First of all, you should know that this track is Persian, not Arabic. It is common for those not familiar with middle-eastern music to mistake them for each other, as all of them just simply sound ethnic to foreign listeners. Persian and Arabic music are different in almost all elements, especially the timing which is usually 4/4 and 2/4 in Arabic. This is same as mistaking a trance for a jazz tune! ;)

About the chords, what you said was cute. I also remember that many older synths had such chord progressions in their BEAT BANKs and demo songs, and this sounds like them… nice old days. :)

If you want to feel the difference between Arabic timing and rhythm and Persian’s listen to my remix of keith303’s thumbworker, focus on the darbukas; This is purely Arabic:

@danoise: Thanks, glad you’ve liked it.

Oops :unsure:

I will try to remember :lol:

That remix sounds nice, maybe it would be nice if there was a part with only the drums or with less original drums of the song… (even just so then you can hear them better) :D

You’re right, but I was just allowed to mess with the mp3 of the song, so that was impossible.