Dandelions And Daffodils

Yes yes yes I know … but I’m an asshole … :lol:

“Dandelions and Daffodils” (EDIT: yes, that title will change )


Relentless broken beats bouncing up and down breakbeat street …
And the best part is, NO AMEN :w00t: Just some excessively abused funkloops

But it mayhaps needs a checkup on the sound’s balance and/or flow
so feed back would so very much appreciated !
Thanks in advance for yer time !!

one word: badass.

i love the breaks cuz they have that metallic sound sorta like an amen but they’re obviously not. good cuttage, raw sound, i love your shit man

Thanks for the props man !! :)

I’m thinking of extending the vox or mayhaps focus
mainly around the vox instead of “just” using it as an
instrument … On the other hand, maybe not …

And I mayhaps overdid it with the compression …
Any thoughts … ? Anyone ?

DO IT! i would love to hear more vocal jungle tracks. they are too few & far between. the only ones i have really ever heard have been from goldie, and roni size, especially his breakbeat era project

also i was wondering what BotB stands for ??

Hmmm, the way you put it opens up a whole new dimension to explore…
Breakcore and industrial junglist broken beats with excessive vox …
It could work but it would be so tempting to let the instrumentals go
to waste … it would be a struggle to get that balance between musical
variation and interesting vocals and never let that tight groove escape …
More stuff to explore :yeah:

Yeah yeah yeah we’s gonna try that !!
Thanks for the input !

BotB stands for Benefit of the Boomerang by the way … :)

hey man, i just got an idea… instead of a jungle compo, we could have a jungle “battle”. if you go here http://www.humanbeatbox.com/forum/forumdis…isplay.php?f=10 you can see that people have beatboxing battles online…

you & me should have a tracking battle, change things up a little bit :) how about it?

Hahahaha, yeah … why not :P

EDIT: I hope yer busy on that track by now hehehe