Dark Ambient Horror Soundtrack

This is an enhanced version of a ambient tune I made half a year ago, I wanted to make it more scary and tried to wipe out the mistakes of the first version. Everything in the song is intentional so that it follows it title. “Enjoy!”

I will be grateful for feedbacks :slight_smile:

I advice to use headphones to feel the main factor: BASS


Liking the use of panning and the sound processing, wouldn’t mind the processed unintelligible vocals be used more subtle, less on the forefront at times, maybe more variation in its timbre processing throughout the track as well? Move from the beginning state, current sound to a more noisier, breathy state at the end? Dunno :slight_smile: , sounds pretty finished as is, just riffing on possibilities.

Thanks for your feedback! I will keep your advice in mind and try to think of your suggestions :slight_smile:

Its pretty strange. Sounds great, perfect for a movie or survival horror game. What effect plugins did you use?

I used many synthesizers to make the tune somehow “melodic” such as:

Gargoyle, Gargoyle2


And to make vocals scary and effective I used these effects:

ADT (for adjusting stereo more professionaly than with “stereo expander”)
RingMod & Distortion (for making the sound vibrate)

pitchproof-x64 (make the voice into two voices with different notes, can be heard in a lot of movies)
Ambience (for scary reverb)
Comb filter (for making robotic voice)

exciter (to make the sound sharper)
Flanger (for stereo effects in phasing, feedback and amplitude, variating sound)

Thanks for the details. You should try the typical reverse reverb ghost effect on the vocals. Play vocals reversed with alot of reverb, render it out and play it reverse again. I think it would perfectly fit in your ambient horror soundscape :slight_smile:

the funny thing about the most vocals is that most of them are reversed so that nobody can recognize what one is saying only what he is feeling and we recorded the reversed vocals in Czech language :slight_smile: