Dark Satanic Ritual (Bloodborne like)

This song may serve well as a background music for dark video games (Bloodborne like) or dark videos containing dark rituals or mighty witchers…

I will welcome every feedbacks or impressions :slight_smile:


nice use of sounds. :slight_smile:

Thank You, Daniel! I appreciate the listen! :slight_smile:

I liked the song. Might want to use it in one of my dark rituals. I enjoy the endings climax.

Thanks for the feedback! You are free to use the track. That’s why it is for free download :slight_smile:

Great work! I especially liked the rhythmic part from 2.30 onwards, it was dark and epic at the same time, made me want to explore some dungeon and fight the demons! (in a game, of course :smiley: )

Thanks for Your feedback, my friend! :slight_smile: Let’s go fight them :smiley: