Dark Scary Ambient Psytrance

Hello everybody!
Here I go with the new remake of my “Forest On Mushrooms” song, which is supposed to be much more scary, more psychedelic and little bit more alive. Yet still it is amateur. I will be very grateful for feedbacks! :)

The 2014 Remake: https://soundcloud.com/brain-claim/forest-on-mushrooms-2014-scary

The old version: https://soundcloud.com/brain-claim/forest-on-mushrooms-just-a

The beats and the bass sound good. Perhaps you can add some more interest to the drums (like shuffling bits that come and go as the energy levels change) Some of the scary sounds were quite off compared to the beats and the bass. Like too high in volume, uncontrolled dynamics, excessive low end that interferes with your bass & kick etc. I’d like more subtlety in the scary sounds but that’s more of a personal thing.

Musically I’d like to have more driving moments without breakdowns or weird sounds going all over the place but the tune generally works. Enjoyed this one more over your previous one.