Darken The Screen When Auto-saving In Progress

Even though I have auto-save set to every 15 minutes I still get pissed off everytime I’m trying to hit a note or move the cursor, before I realize that Renoise is auto-saving the song and disabling me from doing anything (on songs with larger samples, this can take a while, like 15 seconds). Don’t get me wrong, the auto-save feature is great when things go wrong, else I would leave it off, but it is just so irritating to not knowing what is going on until that moment of realization.

My suggestion is to somehow show more clearly that I can or can’t edit in Renoise at the moment, f.ex. by darkening the screen (like when entering the rendering screen). This suggestion may be small, but as it keeps obstacling my workflow, it would be nice to be notified in a more clear way than by reading the status-field at the bottom of the screen.

Up 2 debate! :)

Could be nice, yeah.

I would feel like a nice polite bow, as things are taken care of for you, so yeah, I am up for that!

But, how much more processor time would this darkening take up, especially on us mere mortals who are still using old computers…

Swings and Roundabouts…

Hmm, but on old computers, just keep the ‘Enable GUI effects’ unticked in Preferences.

I’d say it doesn’t take too much extra CPU. It’s something you have to do only once anyway, not keep computing it per frame.

+1 from me

I don’t auto save… I live life on the edge.

Yeh, the crash-save feature’s a last chance, after that…it was meant to happen. :smashed: