Darker synthrave track

Hmmm I wish I could figure out how to cleanly put the link to the bandcamp track in here (thankyou whoever keeps cleaning it up for me after I post). Hopefully this link works properly.

I watched Fight Club the other day, followed by what felt like a week of talking to people who seemed to only be discussing purchases: past present, and future, as a method of communication, so I got wound up, then made this.

All inside Renoise - heavy use of the “repeater” plugin which is very fun. Amazing therapy.

Basis of song:
Collect items, store them in your home ad finitum.
Get set up.
Eat the world.

Brand phone shoes hair
Pants buds shades rows
Hats shirt jacket mask
I get set up

Brows lips plump ass
Eye tuck thigh gap
Brow pierced tatt sharp
You can’t stop no

Screen big fruit badge
Fast wifi go
Insta tube tok
Get it set up

Fast car mod badge
Thin wheels dark glass
Loud sound paint bright
Make it stop go

House big place shit
Up grade 12 month
Lever price gouge
Climb on one up

Higher taller bigger better
I deserve, I’m like no other
Special me I’m one above
We’ve got to go and get set up

I am elevated now
A level up from all around
I need another something else
So I can be now fully set up

I’ll eat it all, I just don’t care
Destruction is my big forte
It’s mine to take and store away
There is no end, and you all pay


Beautiful just Beautiful man keep it up

Very nice, haunting track! :ghost: :+1:

Thanks man - completely glued to the studio since starting to use renoise - it’s totally helped me keep up with my flow rather than battling with the tools

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I pretty angry when making it, but glad to hear it brings other feelings with it!

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