Darkness 2

Here a thingy I made


what are your ideas ? I think the HiHat stuff is a but daft , and maybe I should leave the Kick as it is and not play with it’s EQ

I think you think correct. About the EQ, not about the hihat-thingey. That works for me. Only maybe add some other kind of room fx in the background, replacing the intense kick-verb?

I like the mood of this, keep making other layers like some kind of light pad perhaps. Or skip the pad and add more distant noises like the ones in the end; Something that sounds partly melodic but is not melody; Sounds like vocals but are not. Catch my drift? Not too sure about the structure of the song yet, but it’s progressive so who cares. You can fix that later. :P

Oh boy ! You read minds ? ! realy ! :blink:

You’re saying what I was looking for but I could not find the words.

The structure of the song is far from good. I mean , normally one has :
intro + peak + resting_ponit + second climax + outro

I did intentionnaly mess with that a bit but it seems I should not touch that :slight_smile: (1 more lesson learned)

You are correct about the bass reverb . Some other people who have listened to it said exactly thesame. So the 2the lesson I learned now was to keep the kick crispy and add some background noises with reverb.

What I also understand are these nice attentive backround distant noises. But they are so darn hard to make, and to keep the listener attentive.

I used to make easy going house beats with a catchy melody , but this progressive touch is a lot more difficult then I thought.

Thanks man for your insight !

You’re welcome, glad you got something productive out of it! :)

As I said, I like the mood of this scetch of a song; Don’t necessarily think too hard about ‘normal’ song buildups, this has progressive techno written all over it!

Hm, wonder if I’ll just go progressive techno again soon… Fun genre!