Darkware Effects

I heard a bunch of Darkwares free effects a couple of weeks ago and was impressed, exactly what I’m looking for, especially the distorion effects that can be done with BitBasher. Now I go and visit jackdark.net to try and download the free effects (I downloaded the demos for the pay effects a while ago but seemed to miss the area of the site with all the free bits) and it has been taken off-line due to it being redesigned :(

Don’t suppose anybody has the free DarkWare effects and would mind emailing them as it says the site it won’t be back for a while :(

Just checked again and a few have been added since yesterday. There are 10 of his effects available from http://www.jackdark.net/darkware.html but it’s still missing some of the better ones I heard. Guess it’s better than nothing though…

Very sadly it does say “In January of 2006, DarkWare ceased to exist” :( although he is opening a new section for a synth he is working on. I don’t care, I want the old glitch effect ;)

If anybody would still like to help me out getting the missing effects I would indubitably be in your debt.

i see 3 on emule:
DarkWare GlitchTronik.zip
DarkWare Mister Liquid.zip
DarkWare Roboticize.zip

i clicked em, uh, heh, i hope these arent the nonfree ones :blink:
either or i’ll send em if you want me to. dunno if theyre on the site or not, havent been there before. the names look appealling tho :D
i think these probably are free, since theres no crew name in the title :lol:

When I get home I can put up a list of the ones that weren’t free (they were still only $10-15 each, so not exactly break the bank) although I’m fairly sure I remember OctoEcho being one of them, and it looks like that’s one of the 10 that is being offered for free on the link I gave above.

As I said I will double check when I get home from work this evening…

Darkware was sold completely lately by Jack Dark. He discontinued the Darkware series of plugins and creates new ones under a different label.

You can get 10 plugins here: http://www.jackdark.net/darkware.html

I have Glitchtronik, which is not listed on the site anymore, i could send it to you.

You can read about the sale here: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=119274

Edit: Found the thread with the bundle deals, these are the paid plugins.

Well that confirmed my suspicions, the 10 offered on the site now include the 5 that were previously buyware. I can only assume it is now the full dll available, as it doesn’t mention anything about them being the demo versions (which worked same as dBlue’s Glitch iirc, with a couple of seconds silence every min or so)

Cheers for that Beatslaughter :)

Yes, if they are listed on the site, these are free now. He posted the link in a topic at KVR with the title “used to cost money but now they are free”. :)


As far as understood from the KVRaudio topic from Jack

I would say dump your stuff and post your links…

Here is Glitchtronik, i’ve deleted the other not listed ones some time ago, had no use for them. :(