Darwin Tunes

An interesting project trying to apply principles of genetic algorithms to music production:


Quote from the creators of the project:

Yep, tracker scene is a great example of it.

It is a nice example how evolution is working. Surely nobody can say that the music has always been the same as it is now… of course it’s a hell lot faster than the natural evolution :D
But what about those hipster bands, undeground composers, and a “retro” nostalgy every few decades? ;) This would apply mainly to commercial music scene (the POP)

It seems that the driving force of the evolution is not only what public likes, but also what it stops liking.

When audience gets bored of some style, composers start to search for something new, in this way we get a variety of styles, some of them happen to be underground.

No way! I just read the research article for this today. On the evolution side of things I have some slight problems with their methodology and a conclusion they reach in their paper. What’s good is that the “consumers” haven’t yet directed the tune to lady gaga/nicki minaj esque headfuckery. There’s hope for society yet!

Well, it appears that they are simulating the period of time before music industry became such.

Nowadays people are told what to listen to through the TV and radio, so yeah, the evolution thing for music on the wide scale seems to be gone. One would expect that the more underground genres would not be affected by this as much, but there are some strange things been happening as well. Like vanilla trance does not seem to have moved anywhere in the last decade, while progressive trance has degraded badly.

Tracker scene had been a breath of fresh air for some time with its free module exchange but it has taken a big blow since the time computers became powerful enough (about 2000-2?) to run real time synths and programs with interfaces more accessible to regular mortals.

TV and radio has very little control over music nowadays. Most music is played on mp3 players and computers these days. The Party Rock Anthem has some 400 million views on youtube alone. Noone under 20 I know listen to radio regularly. :clownstep: