Dash Berlin Till The Sky Falls Down (sunmix)


minimal mix, hard to get an acapella for this one, still i think it’s worth listening too, the mood is lighter than the original and the beat is a bit faster :)

I see you sitting down here with no feedback, so here goes:

My friends would normally expect me to say this is too cheesy for my liking, but I think if it’s done well then I can develop a real soft spot for it. This is one of those tunes :)
Got a nice potently romantic lush sunset vibe and melody which works well with the acapella.

Haven’t actually heard the original, I must go have a gander for it now :)

Good work ;)


i didn’t get an acapella tho, i had to work on the original so the basic construction is the same, that’s why i called it a minimal mix :)

the mood is different tho, and i would describe it exactly as you said :>

Very, very pleasant tune!!!
Didn’t hear no original version either, but this one is just cool!!! Good quality sound and overall composition. But… the kick drum is just asking for replacement (imho). What about something more punchy and solid?

Good luck and regards.

Sun your stuff allways intrigue me! This one was really great! This goes to my favourite playlist.

hehe, intriguing is good !

about the drum, yeh maybe but it would make it less moody i think :)