Dash Glitch features renoise


I didn’t like the presentation. Seems like he didn’t get into the details of Renoise to the point of presenting them to an audience of professionals confidently. But as the saying goes, mediocre publicity is better than no publicity and hopefully he’ll continue making these videos with better examples.

Agreed that the presentation wasn’t the best, but he does have a sizable following. I predict we will see some new users coming from this, which hopefully helps with development in the long run

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He is new to Renoise also but he does some great tutorials in general


Holy f*ck is this terrible. 9 minutes in and no listenable, deliberate music.

It’s mostly, "OK, yeah this is confusing but actually it’s not " [does something that is actually confusing to the viewer]

It’s like he kinda sorta learned it that same morning.

This isn’t mediocre publicity, it’s misleading publicity, which is worse than no publicity. It tells people that Renoise is some weird, overly-quirky, hard-to-use sorta DAW.

If someone wants to get viewers interested in some new tech or tool the trick is to first just do something cool and appealing, then go back and explain how it was done and how that compares to familiar tools, because viewers will have been intrigued to learn this.

And just never mention the word tracker until maybe the very end (if at all). This guy makes it sound like Renoise is essentially a nicer looking wrapper over '80s music tech.

I had no idea WTF a tracker was until maybe a year after I was using Renoise. I kept seeing the term, but the odd descriptions I would find of “tracker” didn’t really connect to all the cool things I was getting done.

It’s mostly a historical detail, given what else Renoise has.

(Maybe it gets better after 9 minutes but I can’t watch any more.)


Yeah, totally agree. I’m so tired of hearing people describe Renoise as “weird” or “difficult”. No, it’s not. It’s different, that’s all. Less intuitive than some other DAWs, maybe. But in acquiring any new skill you need to wrap your head around some new ideas and ways of doing.

You lasted longer than I did.

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He did a live stream recently that was way better than this video where he created a psy beat.He is just new to Renoise but he likes it very much


The video content does have a feel of being rushed out too early without much thought for how to present it. I think a few more weeks of usage may have yielded a much better video.

Oh well, it’s nothing to shake a fist in the air and get bent over backwards about…


lol, I was typing something very similar last night but decided to go to bed because I didn’t care enough about this subject to sacrifice a minute of sleep over it. But the forum remembered what I was typing:


Agreed, but to be fair, Renoise is also good in hiding a lot of features. Also the default settings are weird in a lot of cases, not utilizing the maximum possible.

I have the impression that Dash Glitch usually makes quite detailed tutorials already. So he does not seem to be one of the army of pseudo/trivial content creators.

Agreed. Best way to catch the audience is to show them something very similar to what they’re already doing with their tools, with some interesting new audio/visual stuff that’ll trigger their attention. And then showcase it.

But then again I think his approach to Renoise is different from ours. He uses Renoise primarily as a sequencer and sound generator. Then uses the stuff generated in Bitwig for an extra depth of creativity added. He thinks the audience will be more interested to see that kind of stuff rather than adopting Renoise as their primary DAW.

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Yeah, but he made some nice beat - perhaps those who know what they want - will get it.

Maybe someone should make a video called ‘Renoise is easy’ or smth… :wink:


He also featured Renoise about 2 weeks ago in 4 hour live stream, where he made some pretty cool psytrance with it.

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I think his main DAW is cubase. I can relate that the first years I tried Renoise coming from a timeline-based DAW I had a very limited idea of what Renoise could do, I couldn’t be more wrong. I never went back after learning how to sample because Renoise forces you to. The moment I learned all those buttons and right click functions in Waveform view, that I can sample any note (not just Cs) to achieve the desired envelope speeding throughout the whole keyboard, I can print SFX to samples and render to sample infinitely, now programming drums or sound design in any other daw is a pain. Renoise is a genuine instrument, it feels like an MPC/Octatrack and I never tried one. I think these are most amazing points a tutorial could cover and also that it is CPU and lack-of-monitors friendly, (yes I also mix with my eyes, Renoise has the best Spectrum Analyzer/Goniometer out of any DAW ever)