Datassette - Space Rubbish Ost

Forgive the blatant spam, but here’s something I’ve been working on for what seems like forever:

6 new Datassette tracks (all made 100% in Renoise of course) are now available as the soundtrack to the game Super Space Rubbish.
Buying the album from Bandcamp also gives you the full game for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Demo video and free to play arcade version here:

Soundtrack audio samples here:


PS. New 5-track mini-album coming very soon.

You could easily have thrown a couple more superlatives into the title, I would not notice

cool tracks!

Very nice! :walkman:

Really gooood! I started to listen to your tunes this way: Croms - Com Truise - Datassette! Then i went to this forum and found you here! How cool is that!?!?! :) Didnt know you were a Renoise user!

Really good music, mate!

Will post you some tunes later on, think you might like it. I’m kind of in the same “area”. Will buy the game, promise!


I’m now LUBLUV, a remote descendant of the human race. I’ve learned that the quickest way to earn a few dollars in the year 3955 is to extract space rubbish
So far, I’ve scored 15-something thousand points, and carefully upgraded my ship trying to adapt to the circumstances out here in the solar system.

LUBLUV signing out

Very nice tracks.
The game looks great too.

classic data.

Simply amazing album! The first three are (to me) dancefloor awesomeness, the last three are ambient / experimenal wins. 6/6.