Datassette Spam!

New Datassette album (made entirely in Renoise) is now available from Beatport, with the vinyl version coming very soon from Ai Records.


More details:

Usually I hate “buy my album” spam, but this is good stuff!

oh, cool. years ago, i ordered most of the Ai stuff, mainly from someone in tokyo. i’m one of the 100 ppl who have Ai 001. i should check up on some of the newer stuff, like this.

just checked sum songs on da ai site.
and although i have left the 4-4 steady beats behind i reeeaally dig this :) gonna buy it.

plz continue,


really liked your last one so I’m looking forward to listening to this!

cool - will deffo check this one out

TRack nr. 5 is ace

i loke vapour trails!!! :walkman:

Very nice!
Let me know if its possible to order via paypal somehow.

well datassete …Reallylike your work
Aviatrix is wonderfull…thanks for introducing yourself=;;I shall spread the word

the website rocks at the moment. what happened.

I picked up this one… “Pluck” is very special in it’s melodic tenderness. There are some great chordal moments here and there, especially on the earlier tracks. The rest is perhaps a little too bare for me to enjoy over and over, and some BOC nostalgia in there seems a little weak.

I do like the slap-dash pumping lofi-production edge to this - but any more pumping and it would spill over into house-sidechain-pump excess-trend.