Dave Smith Evolver

Anybody got an evolver or ever played with one? How did you like it?

I have one the Desktop version and I like it, it can sound quite rough, it can sound clean and crispy, it can create some ultra heavy drones.
It’s tough to get into and the manual does not help at all, so I suggest you to have a look at this website
and download the PDF “The Definitive Guide to Evolver”.
Note that the Evolver does NOT send CC only Sysex, which is a bit of a pain.

If you want, here’s a track I’m working on, the kick was made on the Evolver (it’s actually 2 different kicks layered, both made on the Evolver) and the bass as well.

Also, on the link below there’s the result of my first sampling session on Renoise, most of the noise, unless they have a specific name, come directly from the Evolver


I’ve got a desktop one as well, and I love it. The programming takes a little getting used to but it’s a lot easier than most synths once you know where everything is. Then it becomes kind of a game, trying to figure out how they made the complex patches in the presets. It’s great how you can create pseudo-polyphonic sounds on a mono synth.

If you check out the track called “Take My Picture” on here, the kick, the snare, and the synth sounds are all evolver (except the pad sound in the middle).