DavidKa - On the road again

Exam period is over, I finished my first track, what was made completely with Renoise. Main inspiration for this track was The Prodigy. And the genre they built. Personally I think it’s a good start, it showed me how intuitive this software can be. There’s still much room to learn eg. pattern effects and proper automation. I had lots of fun making it.


Expect more & take care,

I like the beat. :)

Great synth line and cool breakbeat. Sounds a bit over compressed, although this sometimes creates a cool distortion effect.

Yeah I realized that too! I got a bit carried away with saturation and compression, and rushed the final process I think. I may redo those parts a bit when I’ll be better at it.

I’ll need to learn things from the ground. On my future projects I’d like to focus more on developing solid beats and bass. And pattern effects. Lots of them :))