Daw To Complement Renoise

I’ve been bumbing slightly against the current limitations of Renoise (midi recording and cleanup of notes, non-visual note/audio delays, multi-track sound design and video support) so what inexpensive DAW is good one to complement Renoise, like building songs made from exported patterns, recording audio and syncing audio to video? I’ve been using trackers mostly and I’m not really experienced with DAWs (did some stuff with Sadie and Pro Tools at school) so I thought it better to ask. So far I’ve eyed Reaper and Logic (I’m on Mac), what do you people like and which one doesn’t fight against you?

I use Studio One (by PreSonus). Truly an excellent DAW.

I also use Record/Reason by Propellerhead. Wonderful stuff.

i sometimes use ableton live INTRO with renoise

i also use plogue bidule with the 2
its a good way to get rid of the limited number of vsts you can use with live INTRO

Have you considered motu digital performer. I have read a lot of really good things about it and it runs on mac. It’s apparently really popular with people in the film industry.

  1. Open Garageband
  2. Open Renoise,
  3. Answer [YES] to Rewire.

renoise + ardour

renoise and reaper have passionate sex all the time.

Out of curiosity: how does Presonus Studio One compare to other DAWs? Artist version doesn’t have video support and Digital Performer is too pricy for me and probably overkill too.

Ableton Live Lite I do have, but it feels beat-oriented, bit like Renoise (though elastic audio is great) and Ardour doesn’t have video support if I remember right.

I guess I’ll try Reaper and Garageband first (didn’t know that GarageBand has automation curves, color me surprised), thanks everybody!

People ignore Garageband '09, but it’s unusually versatile and powerful. For starters, click “Track → Show Movie Track” and you got your movie track.

The interface is clunky and noobish, but when you ReWire it to Renoise, you get a very great combo iMHO.

I recently purchased Reaper for exactly this sort of “complementary” purpose. Its ability to produce perfectly-looped, crossfade samples is priceless. It also works perfectly under Wine in Linux, which means I can use Windows VSTs as well.

S1 kicks ass! It’s the best (non-tracker) DAW I’ve used so far, and I’ve used them all. But it’s no clutterware. Downloading the demo version is recommended.

Does Garageband come with ilife 09?

er, I mean is, is ilife the way to get Garageband?


Actually just started recording guitar with renoise and find it quite easy…I have no previous DAW experience so maybe I don’t know any better…but recording audio seems pretty straightforward.

I do admit the lack of video sync support may prompt me to look for a supplemental DAW in the future.

…until you want to start playback in the middle of a 3 minute take.

I use Live as the Rewire master and Renoise as the slave. I basically use Renoise as an uber-sampler plugin.

:lol: i couldnt have put it better.

Cool, Thanks Conner_Bw!

I was looking for a way to work with the AVCHD format awhile back, and it looks like that might be the best solution.(imovie in ilife) Then with garageband being able to do video that’s win win!