.dawproject songfile format

Please have a read here, I think this is a great idea and would make audio world a better place:


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offtopic: so, you are Hanz Meyzer :stuck_out_tongue:

I am the worst nightmare for any DAW dev :joy: I am always suggesting that the DAWs should be like Renoise and earn a lot of positive resonance, when suggesting a tracker view.

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For me personally - that would be so awesome! i would love to see redux as some rack extension/native integration in Reason. That would be so much awesome… possibility to program Reason midi/clips in tracker way… maaan :smiley: or in Bitwig…

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It is quite saddening that I’m unable to work on any of my files saved in my previous tracker Madtracker 2.
Due to this I feel quite wary about saving anything in Renoise format or anything other than .xm or .it

There’s been some interesting developments around this so wanted to bump it.

Multiple DAWs are already supported now by DAWproject and it can solve a lot of headaches like having moved samples (export and fix paths to samples etc.) and also cases where now people might load Renoise as a VST in another DAW (maybe i am the only one…) and for instance forget-to-save-the-renoise-project as it doesn’t get saved with the Ctrl+S habits.

Is there any hope for an export from Renoise to this DAWProject XML format? It hink it would be an amazing thing and in my mind though a bit tedious maybe not the most complicated feature to implement.