.dawproject songfile format

Please have a read here, I think this is a great idea and would make audio world a better place:


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offtopic: so, you are Hanz Meyzer :stuck_out_tongue:

I am the worst nightmare for any DAW dev :joy: I am always suggesting that the DAWs should be like Renoise and earn a lot of positive resonance, when suggesting a tracker view.

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For me personally - that would be so awesome! i would love to see redux as some rack extension/native integration in Reason. That would be so much awesome… possibility to program Reason midi/clips in tracker way… maaan :smiley: or in Bitwig…

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It is quite saddening that I’m unable to work on any of my files saved in my previous tracker Madtracker 2.
Due to this I feel quite wary about saving anything in Renoise format or anything other than .xm or .it