Dblclick Does Not Open Vsti Editor

I don’t think is intended to be so.

You know that, if you doubleclick in the instrument box on a VST instrument, its GUI shows up.

This does not work when doubleclicking while the upper frame is hidden.

See image:

when doubleclicking on the instrument name (either the selected or the highlighted one), nothing different than two single clicking occurs

And still no hotkey for open/close vsti editor. I cant understand why. This is a thing you use so often…

Then let us know a good free keyboardmapping for this, and it will be implemented.

lctrl+lshift+lalt+v or lctrl+lshift+lalt+e

Both combo’s can be done with one hand (The last a little easier than the first one).

Hey cool! :)

Yeah… I guess a key on your left hand make most sense as most ppl use right hand on the mouse. And as this is a vsti you mostly would use the mouse just after opening it. I dont have anything on the key between shift and Z. ( I guess thats between shift and Y on german keyboards?). If there is a standard to have a key there in the first place.

I’m just happy if you add it in the shortcut list :)


Or ‘A’ or ‘1’

and maybe numpad9 for lefthanders and if you just used numpad +/- to select the instrument you was going to open. Maybe add two shortcuts?

asking too much :P



There’s plenty of space(on the right side of the instrument popup list) for a small button to open VSTi editor. It should be dimmed if no VSTi is selected.

Ok… now I’m pushing it B)

But how about shift+Numpad +/- for changing program?


Ok… to finnish up my monologue on hotkey-requests here.
If you (taktik) for some reason get into a adding-hotkey-mode, I would also really much have a few more hotkeys in the sample editor:
How about making Space play selection?
I also miss ‘zoom to selection’ and ‘view whole sample’.
You could use one of the earlier suggested keys for those two.
For instance < to zoom to selection. and ctrl+< to view whole sample.

:) :) :)

about my initial request:

I’m quite sure I’ve posted this thread on the bug forum, so I assume that it has been moved here because it is a [wontfix], is it true?

So should we not expect this implemented for ReNoise 1.5?

It is quite annoying that you can’t access the VSTi GUI when in enlarged pattern view

Also, I think that a “Open editor” menu context entry would be good

Doubleclicks in dropdown lists are not possible, because the first click closes the list. Ok, we could implement some nifty delay that waits for the second click, and closes then the list with a delay or does the doubleclick, but this would be more annoying than helpfull if you just want to close the box.

I know that you all want to make this release perfect (same is true for me), but if we continue like this, we will never have a release. Thats why I moved this topic out of the bugreports forum.
This should not mean, that we will neglect all reports from now on, nor that I want to stop people from reporting things that they dont like, but that we should concentrate on the important things. Hope you understand this.

Back to your suggestion: You want to open the editor also when the upper frame is hidden, right? What about adding a button next to the drop-down list which does this ?

well for me it’s fine.

Actually, I didn’t want to be able to doubleclick the opened dropdown list; maybe the picture was misleading: being able to doubleclick the selected item when dropdown list is closed would be just great, if possible.

about the reasong for the topic moving:
so this was as I expected, this is no problem for me

Its the “0” on the Numpad now.


very nice shoortcut, which solves the issue completely for me, except for I would like to use this shortcut to close the GUI too, or at least use CTRL+0

Yea. I agree. Close editor on the same shortcut is the best option IMO.