dblue glide trick ( phrases ) , autoseek not working when glide

Dblue showed us the amazing trick , where a phrase is not re-triggered when using the glide command , making it possible to achieve polymeter/rhytm within the same pattern.

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But when the phrase is set to autoseek and play back starts from pattern 1 ( phrase trigger is set in previous pattern ) , the phrase is ignored .

Is this normal behaviour ?

@ Gentileclockdivider

  • Autoseek: _(Renoise only)_During song playback, a phrase is normally only heard once it has been triggered by reaching its position in the pattern. Enabling Autoseek allows the phrase to be heard at any point during song playback without the need for triggering. Note thatAutoseeking for samplesdoes not function within a phrase.

Reading the #tutorial does s.t. help. :wink:


I am aware of all that , thanks for the lecturing but it has nothing to do with what I have described .

Point is that autoseek doesnt work when the first trigger has a slide command

No need 2 pee in ur Bed, brother. :smiley:


back on topic .

Maybe , maybe dblue or danoise could shed some light .