Dblue Glitch Got Updated

just saw this on kvr

Dblue glitch have been updated



Dbluuuuuuuuue gleatsch havehavehave neeb u. p. d. a. t. e. d.

Nice, great to hear he’s working on his personal stuff - not so great to hear he hasn’t got full-time job atm. I hope my occasional cursor problem is fixed as well. Lots of respect dblue! :)

How come you’re in the thanks of AudioRealism Drum Machine btw? :D

Dblue, if you’re reading this, I was about to donate some $$, but it told me your paypal account was set up to require instant payment via credit card… might want to change that, as silly chaps like me dun have a CC ;)

I was going to mention it here later today (the Renoise forum is actually where I announced the first ever version), but you beat me to it. :) As I’ve already said, this update is mainly to address the issue with Ableton Live. Functionality in Renoise should be pretty good as it always has been. I will be releasing another proper update very soon which will greatly improve the overall stability and efficiency of the plugin, and this will probably become Glitch v1.4. As soon as that is ready I want to get started again on adding brand new features and quickly get up to v1.5…

Yes, this sucks. I was supposed to move to Toronto last year to begin working there, but I went through a lot of weird personal issues and soul searching and decided that I could not go through with it. Not sure what I’ll do next.

Over the years I’ve become friends with the developer Mike Janney, so we often chat on IRC about a lot of random stuff, exchanging ideas and discussing techniques, and just chit-chatting about life in general. I still haven’t met him in person yet, but I’d love to go to Sweden some day to hang out with him (and maybe crash the Starbreeze offices where I believe he visits sometimes, hehe).

Hmm, that’s very strange indeed. I’ll go check out my PayPal settings now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

nice one, bringing 09xx to the people!!

Which is really fine, because TO’s got a bad rep in Canada :P

There are much better cities to live in here ;)

You of course have a better perspective on this, being a Canadian, but for me Toronto would have been fine. I like the city and have a few good friends there. It was more to do with my desire to not be stuck in yet another soul-crushing web development job after doing the same shit for 10+ years. I really, really want to go in another direction with my life now.

Object Pascal, using the Turbo Delphi Explorer IDE. I will eventually switch to C++, but for the moment I’m just sticking to what I’m most comfortable with.

Which is why you need to move to where I am so we can hook up and start a REAL business :P … but wait until I move to someplace better than this shithole town, mmmmk? xD

Yah, I hear the soul-crushingness. I don’t even have something as creatively stimulating as a web dev job :P

Hey dblue, I wanted to say that you are way cool and I really hope goes well for you!

Didn’t know you had work issues(how would I?)

You are one of the nicest people on the forum and have helped me out a lot, so for that I thank you…

I use your plug in all the time, works so well for me that I don’t think I would need to update unless you added new features!

plus, its funny that i read about you 1st in CM mag…didn’t know you were a Renoise user…now we see each other in the forums sometimes!

Maybe its no big deal, however, its the little synchronicities in life that amaze me…would be gr8 to hang one day…

Do you ever come to London? Not from the UK originally…been to Liverpool, Manchester, Alton, Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Cheddar, New Forest, but never Newcastle!

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, life definitely has a weird way of pushing people together in bizarre ways, and it’s something that I’ve experienced myself quite a lot. There are many instances where people I know have been connected in random ways that I would never expect, but we somehow managed to become great friends without first knowing about these connections. For example, when I lived in America for a while, I had a girlfriend whose father taught martial arts in Texas. I later found out that my music buddy Anders from Norway had also lived in Texas as a teenager and had trained martial arts with this guy. Anders already knew my girlfriend years before I ever met any of them, but they both became friends with me at different points in time and for totally different reasons. It wasn’t until years later that we all realised this stuff. Very strange!

Anyway, I don’t get to visit London as often as I’d like to. The train tickets are too bloody expensive these days, and I don’t drive a car myself. I definitely want to come down soon-ish though, so let’s stay in touch and meet up for a few drinks and some good music, for sure!

You’re tellin me man! Its amazing how £££ they are…my girl and I went to the New forest last Aug I believe and the tix were like £100 return.

I was like you must be kidding, you want Britons to tavel and spend money within the UK? Its cheaper to go to the continent via Easyjet, Ryanair etc! Sometimes a trip to Spain or Paris can be like £10 if your lucky…hell, just taking the tube if you live out in zone 9 can be more ££ than that!

You lived in America? Where? Texas? I was born and raised in NYC. Defo@ keeping in touch, I am making a point to stay connected with people who I connect with, thats whatIi am finding matters at 30 ;)

Yeah it’s bonkers. Cheaper to get a return flight to another European country than it is to take a simple train journey. Even if I book it weeks/months in advance, the savings aren’t that great. Total insanity.

Nah, I was staying in New Mexico most of the time. Took a few visits to California, Colorado, and the surrounding areas. The south west is pretty laid back, I enjoyed it a lot. Always wanted to check out NYC but never got the chance, though I did pass through Buffalo very briefly on my way back from Canada once, haha. Doesn’t really count :)

showiN sum LuV ;)


hope itZ ok for U that i´ve embeded your paypal…

that forum is dedicated 2 da GLiTCH…good place over there, too!

many thanks & mad propZ!!


Renoise UK meet up in Europe then ? :)

Many thanks for the support - I really appreciate it! But I would prefer if you did not include the paypal link directly (it’s actually wrong at the moment as well). This is only because I may have to update some details in the future that would then make the link outdated/invalid. A normal link to my site should do the trick. Cheers mate :)

I heart dBlue! :D
I really like stretch and tape stop!

You have so much talent man.

To thread:
We, should start a thread here somewhere, chalk full of music exclusively made with dBlue’s Plugins + renoise.
Cuz most people don’t really say it, some elude to it, but never really come out with using it.
I bet he would truly like to hear a bunch of music made with Glitch and the others.

I have one on my soundcloud.
I would like to post in the thread.

yo no prob…U really deserve it!

i can leave the link up and update it, if u like or just leave the link to your site…just what u prefer; u actually have got some followin on GHF 4 sho :walkman:



Speaking of which, no way, you’re from chi? or thereabouts at least, judging from your sig.